Real Name:


Artificer Specialty:


Home Plane: Iwi
Birthplace: Mechfall

Not much is known about Attros and his past except for his time in the infamous Tell-Tale Guild, which operated in Granz City, Granzia. A prolific and inventive weapon maker for a cutthroat assassin’s guild composed completely of Kenku, formed by Attros and his brother Edgar. He left the guild, pulled from the depths of his darkness by his love Lenore, a Snow Owl Aarakocra. In retaliation, the guild tracked them and killed Lenore. Attros swore revenge and in making a deal with a dark entity ventured out to destroy the guild and the weapons that he had built.

Thought to have been seen in Nymora during and shortly after the Vitalis incident with Rig, Kyver, Cereius, and We’ahqa.

Tell-Tale Guild – Weaponsmith