Real Name:
Kyver Sabertooth

Panther Tabaxi

Rougish Archetype:


Home Plane: Sloane
Birthplace: Nymora, The Heartwood

Kyver had a fairly happy childhood on his family’s farm just outside of the tree-climbing Tabaxi city of Nymora. However in his adolescence, around the age of 8, he came home to find his village destroyed and his parents slain. He was rounded up by the Human “Noble” Vitalis and taken to his estate. There Kyver was subjected to torture, fighting pits, and other unspeakable things at the hands of Vitalis’s son. All the while consoled by fellow prisoner Alma, a Drow Elf. In his mid-teen years, he was able to kill the son in one of their encounters and flee, vowing revenge not only on the Vitalis family but on Humans in general, killing his way across Sloane.

He was last seen during and shortly after the Vitalis incident in Nymora with Rig, Cereius, We’ahqa, and an armored figure that Shanks suspects is Attros.

The Royal Vagabonds

Resident Assassin