Real Name:
Thai Ghur

Tiger/Caracal Tabaxi

Roguish Archetype:


Home Plane: Iwi
Birthplace: Erudin, outside Ryf Serin, Ecra

Thai Ghur was born and raised in a small village near the Elven city of Ryf Serin. His parents died in a mining accident when he was young, forcing him to live in an orphanage in Ryf Serin. One day, he saw the traveling circus, The Infinity Bazaar, and was enchanted by the magic and adventure it promised. The goblin Ring Leader, Olmoz, convinced Thai Ghur to join the circus as a tightrope walker. However, he soon realized that the Ring Leader was using the children as free labor and training them to become mercenaries. During his last mission, Thai Ghur discovered that his parents’ death was staged and that the Ring Leader was an evil mastermind who needed to be stopped. He bought his freedom from the circus but knew that Olmoz would never let him go easily, so he decided to escape through the Underdark to the port city of Gamsby in Mechfall.

After weeks of traveling through the darkness and hiding in the shadows, Thai Ghur finally arrived in Gamsby. He planned to earn enough money to buy the circus from Olmoz and turn it into a place of true magic and wonder, where no child would ever have to suffer again. However, he knew that his past would always be chasing him, and he had to be careful to avoid Olmoz’s reach. Despite the dangers that lay ahead, Thai Ghur was determined to make a better life for himself and for all the children who had been trapped in the same nightmare that he had once endured.

The Infinity Bazaar


Former Member