Real Name:
Gojun Saroxath


Ranger Conclave:
Monster Slayer

Divine Domain:
Tempest Domain


Home Plane: Granzia
Birthplace: Tritania

Born in the underwater city of Tritania, joined the Shuffle Guild driven by a deep connection with nature and a desire to bring hope to those in need. Leaving his home behind, he became a vigilant guardian, using his skills to defend the weak and restore balance. Gojun’s unwavering dedication and ability to tap into healing energies made him a trusted ally, inspiring others with his commitment to justice. Despite a haunting past and personal tragedy, he carries a burden that fuels his determination to protect the innocent and bring an end to injustice. As a member of the Shuffle Guild, he continues his quest for peace and harmony, standing as a beacon of hope and embodying the indomitable spirit of his homeland.

Shuffle Guild