Actual Play begins 09/28/2024

Part 2 of the Prologue releases 07/27/2024
Part 3 of the Prologue releases 08/31/2024

All character art for Blood & Booze by Bulletproofturtleman

Prologue Transcripts

I want to take you back to the beginning. Well, in regards to when I first started to explore the problems within the planes of Granzia, Sloane, and Iwi, at least. Years after the Constable had started his machinations, but before the teams that dealt with them. This all takes place roughly fifty years before the events of Collateral Damage and the Circle of Friends. Trust me though, it’s just as unhinged. My apologies if this seems confusing, traversing time and space often isn’t a straight line. But for the sake of starting somewhere, I didn’t have the face I have now. It was my first, my original. Crazy hair, thick accent, and magical mechanisms in full swing.

In the forest north of the Forest Bastion in Granzia, four adventurers piqued my interest: Tymund Hillhand, (though he preferred Healy Hanz), a Dwarven Grave Cleric, Valen Farnan an Elven Drunk Monk, Thorak a Half-Orc Totem Warrior, and Ren an Aasimar Monster Hunter. Nights before, a strange light streaked across the sky and soon after a local nobleman and his retinue went missing. The four took up the bounty and they tracked the nobleman and his knights to a massive impact crater in the wilderness. It seems though, that whatever naked the crater had landed on an Ankheg nest and altered the creatures. The large bugs had shards of a sickly yellow crystal lodged into their carapaces and were under the control of these shards.

To make a very long story short, the four battled their way through the nest, finding not only the nobleman and what remained of his knights but ultimately the cause of everything: a large yellow crystal. But there was a catch: the crystal and its shards actively tried to burrow into the skin of anyone who touched them with bare skin. Valen found that out the hard way, and was able to stop the shard and keep control of his mind. They battled and defeated the sentient prism, extinguishing its intelligence and taking a swordlike shard as a trophy. Valen claimed the sword and named it Mindsplinter. They were rewarded handsomely for the return of the noble with platinum and weaponry. Thorak received a glaive called the Skull Splitter of Zhoval and Healy Hanz received a mace called Trench’s Fury.

I had found part of my first team and it was time to fill in the gaps. Enter Ursus, a Beasthide Champion Fighter from the Rockport fighting pits, whom I outfitted with the Bracers of Gwynnas. Mara, an Air Genasi Rogue from the island of Uscana in the plane of Iwi, whom I gifted the dagger known as The Inquisitor, and a misguided Warforged Warlock called Unit-93B who was embroiled in a cult surrounding a leviathan deep in the Mechfall Enclave of Iwi, whom I gave the arcane focus called Elphina’s Time Piece. Ren didn’t end up being recruited as I deemed her importance to the future events on Granzia too great. You hate to lose a prospect but sometimes they’re needed elsewhere. I know now that it was the right call. 

Regardless, they all met in the tavern at my invitation, and as per protocol, I dropped them into a problem area to see how they handled the situation. Still being fairly new to this, I was less than tactful and informative about where they were going and what they were to do, besides the basics. In an abandoned and overrun Dwarven temple once dedicated to the All Hammer in the mountains: Demons and aberrations had settled in and they were to evict the unwanted tenants. The description was pretty straightforward but completing the assignment wasn’t. Looking back on my track record, this is an ongoing theme.

The chemistry wasn’t very good in the beginning. It was fairly volatile, to be frank. The six of them eventually came through in the end, though. From the reports, there were puzzles to be solved that were solved and demons and aberrations to be slain that were cut down. They had a hard-fought battle at the end against an adolescent Aboleth where they came out on top. Coming out the other side of the gauntlet, I made them an offer: work with me, save a plane from itself, and achieve your greatest dreams. Well, the way I said it was: “Go to new and interesting places, meet new and interesting people, either save or kill them and become legends.” They accepted but ultimately there was a snag that I didn’t see. They had a stowaway with them. An explosive with a long fuse that was already lit. And it only served to make things worse…

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