Interconnected Stories

This campaign occurs on multiple Prime Material Planes: Granzia, Sloane, and Iwi. With Divergent Paths, we are trying to give the listeners a broader look at what is happening during the main storyline.  Here is a quick breakdown of what stories are connected to Collateral Damages story:

  • Keeper of the Light is connected to The Constable’s lieutenant The Executioner.
  • Fall of Ors Themar is connected to Circle of Friends and Arguile
  • Granz Summoning Circle is connected to the Circle of Friends parallel campaign
  • The Sky District is connected to the invasion of Nymora, Eldertwine is a continuation that is connected to Hoshino
  • Sleeping Giants is connected to Zechs, Galahad, Shanks, and Glad
  • A Grudge to be Nursed is connected to Shanks (Pincushion Maker)
  • The Twilight Cypher is connected to Arguile and his guild

Keeper of the Light

Follows The Constable’s lieutenant “The Executioner”, Naym and her struggle to uphold her oath to the Daughter of the Light.

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Sleeping Giants

Follows members of Granzia’s Shuffle Guild as they uncover the disturbances exacerbated by The Constable’s plans.

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The Fall of Ors Themar

Follows the refugees of the Drow city of Ors Themar and their journey to reclaim their home from a demonic invasion from the Abyss.

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A Grudge to be Nursed

Follows the POV of the notorious serial killer the “Pincushion Maker” as they terrorize and murder the elite across Granzia.

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Granz Summoning Circle

Follows important moments of the Circle of Friends as they follow a parallel quest to stop The Constable and his machines.*starts at 1:52:30

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The Twilight Cypher

Follows a small group of Rogues within the Masterful Gains Thieves’ Guild trying to stop the doomsday group The Shadow Veil.

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The Sky District/Eldertwine

Follows Nymora residents Alaera, Marleigh, Peak, and Torbera on their journey to stop extraplanar incursions into Sloane.

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