The Journeyman



“Imagine you step out into the falling rain and stop time. Each raindrop suspended in the air represents a plane of existence. Billions of lives and interwoven systems, locked in an ever-evolving dance of chaos and order.” – The Journeyman

Guardians of the multiverse, dedicated to ensuring harmony and protecting countless timelines. An enigmatic figure in constant reincarnation, serves the extra-planar organization Palenguard, embarking on temporal and spatial journeys to prevent cataclysms. Skillfully posing as a tavern-keep, she harnesses her charisma to gather information and recruit adventurers, her composed demeanor hiding a profound understanding of the perils spanning the multiverse.

Collateral Damage (Current Team)

The current incarnation of one of two teams put together by the Journeyman to combat the Constable’s plan to destroy the planes.

Past Members


The Constable

Temporal Extereminator


Enforcers of their own rigid temporal order, stifling the natural flow of multiverses.

Amidst the Journeyman’s unwavering dedication, she battles the haunting memories of her past and her nemesis, The Constable, and his enigmatic affiliation with the Time Wardens.