Real Name:
Antonius Augustus


Sacred Oath:
Oath of Vengeance


Home Plane: Granzia
Birthplace: Ravenwood

Antonius, a former paladin of Ravenwood, sought justice and protection for the innocent. After leaving a strict order, he joined the Gargoyle Unit, forming a strong bond with Argo. Tragedy struck when they were the only survivors of a devastating battle. Antonius joined Granz City’s Watch while Argo founded the Shuffle Guild. Antonius later moved to the Forest Bastion after the War of the Fey Kings, where he met and married Isterra, a Wood Elf. However, war broke out, claiming Isterra’s life and leading Antonius to make a dark pact with Tiamat for vengeance against the Goliaths. Consumed by grief, he became a fallen avenger, his noble goals twisted by malevolent rage and dark powers.