Real Name:
Shankise Minknasi (alternate)

Eladrin Wild Elf

Void Walker

Roguish Archetype:


Home Plane: Granzia (alternate)
Birthplace: Luxenburough (alternate)

The product of two very different cultures colliding in a fateful meeting, Shanks is an amalgamation of many different things. Never knowing his father, Shanks spent his early childhood in Luxenburough with his Eladrin mother Larnael, Shanks was trained in the art of shadow magic by his mom. Shanks found a penchant for assassination and began to focus all of his efforts on becoming the best he could be at it to gain the love of his domineering mother. Tragedy struck when his mother was killed. Shanks in searching for her killer, joined an assassin’s guild known as the S8, and eventually joined forces and fell in love with his partner Rig. They conspired in a coup to take over the S8. Shank’s ambition and greed for power overtook him and he killed Rig making him the leader of one of the most feared assassination guilds in all of Granzia. That is until his plane of existence was threatened by the works of a being known as the Constable. Shanks was spared and given a choice. Using his mastermind gifts he now sits as a top strategist and shadow assassin for the Constable.