Deeply rooted in time, Granzia’s rich tapestry unfolds, revealing ancient ruins, towering castles, and the lingering whispers of legendary tales. Within its ethereal realms, Granzia has witnessed relentless wars against the enigmatic Feywild, a perpetual struggle for supremacy. Across its shadowed landscapes, hidden portals stand as portals to other planes, offering glimpses into the unknown.

Home Plane to…

Granz City

Designed by the famous Marxus Granz, this capital city is home to a collection of all races and creeds.

The Pincushion Maker

For the past several months, a killer has torn through the social and political elite of Granzia. With a kill count somewhere in the low 20’s in seven of the major cities, the Pincushion Maker is wanted DEAD or ALIVE with a substantial bounty. The cities in which he has struck with his signature multiple arrow kills, including at least one in the genital rejoin, are: Granz City, Bahlas, Bludenveris, Luxenborough, Nereas, Rockport, and Belrondis.

The description of the killer matches that of Collateral Damage member Shanks.

Bounty: 10,000 pp Alive, 5,000 pp Dead


The crowing jewel city of the Elves is known for its opulent structures, lively nightlife, and mysterious underworld.

The Light of Elrin

The city of Luxenborough and it’s sister city the Forest Bastion, have seen a steady increase in the membership of a new philosophical and ideological group known as the Light of Elrin. Self-proclaimed harbingers of chaos for the sake of chaos, the streets of both cities have become unpredictable. There are also rumors abound that tell of abductions, thefts, rituals, and more in the surrounding villages and towns. 

Symbol of the Light

Tarren Ridge

A long spine of mountains that stretch from the Northeast of Granz City to the very bottom of the Mountains of Yiegelf, and is home to the five major Goliath Tribes.

Terror on the Ridge

For the last few months, the Goliath Tribes of the Ridge have been subject to random and frequent attacks from a Knight clad is black armor with Chromatic Dragon motifs. Riding on a Black Dragon who’s wings crackle with lightning and breath can change on a whim, they attack from above and rain terror and death upon the villages. It is said that, in some cases, they have been responsible for the genocide of entire villages at a time.

The Black Knight