Rooted in a tapestry of rich cultural traditions, Iwi’s past unfolds through ancient rituals and mesmerizing artistic expressions. Scattered across its islands, advanced arcane technology fuels the eternal rivalries among city-states. Traverse bustling cityscapes and tranquil landscapes, where the delicate dance of magic and politics weaves tales of intrigue and aspiration.


Home Plane to…

Mechfall Enclave

An island cluster where innovation meets tradition, sitting amidst the convergence of arcane ley lines.

War Between Worlds

The old masters of each of the guilds represented in the Tradesmen joined forces to create sentient arcane clockwork guardians for the city called Warforged. These guardians would serve as a template for their future endeavors in mechanized warfare manufacturing and the production of arcane batteries. Gamsby, and Mechfall as a whole, have always been neutral in the wars of other islands and their peoples. This doesn’t stop them from trading with either or both sides of a conflict. However, the mechanized suits of armor were witnessed attacking the city of Nymora on the material plane of Sloane.

Mechfall Enclave

An island cluster where innovation meets tradition, sitting amidst the convergence of arcane ley lines.


In the heart of Iwi’s northern expanse lies the Beacon of the North, where human ingenuity dances with the threads of magic.

Impending Abyssal War

The subterranean Drow city of Ors Themar met a catastrophic fate as it succumbed to the relentless onslaught of demonic forces. The harrowing fall of the city sent shockwaves across the underground realm, leaving a dark void in its wake. In Nakoroa, the city’s ally on the surface, the repercussions were profound as survivors from Ors Themar flooded into the once-solitary city.

Ors Themar

The fall of the Drow city has pushed multitudes of refugees to it’s topside ally Nakoroa.


Beckoning like a mirage between the shifting tides of the Aurora Strait and the echoing songs of the Siren’s Passage, where the boundary between the mundane and the magical grows thin.

The Blooming Court

In the heart of the island of Uscana, nestled amidst its lush and enchanting forests, a timeless legend weaves through the vibrant tapestry of the Blooming Court, the Fey inhabitants. They are the guardians of an ancient shrine, where an all but forgotten nature spirit once resided. It is whispered that this ethereal being possessed the power to awaken the very essence of life within the island’s flora, bringing forth an era of unrivaled splendor. 

Shrine of the Vine

Villains of Iwi: The Infinity Bazaar

The Train

The Train can travel between planes of existence.

The Infinity Bazaar is a nightmarish spectacle of the surreal, a dark circus that traverses the ethereal boundaries of reality aboard an enigmatic extra-dimensional train, concealed from prying eyes. Under the malevolent direction of the enigmatic Goblin known only as The Ring Leader, this otherworldly carnival discreetly plucks unsuspecting children from various planes of existence. These abducted innocents are transformed into a cadre of performers, assassins, and thieves, their identities consumed by a macabre world of wonders and shadows, where reality itself twists into grotesque artistry under the Big Top’s ominous glow.

The Ring Leader

Heroes of IWI: The Lost Boys

A pact between three wayward souls. Two adventurers abducted as boys by the Infinity Bazaar and an Emerald Dragon seeking seclusion. Their goal: defeat the Ring Leader and take over the Infinity Bazaar to hide away the powerful artifacts known as the Cindergems.