Within the realm of Sloane, the convergence of nature and technology paints a tapestry of breathtaking beauty. Amongst its vast landscapes, arcane crystals of innate power glisten, whispering tales of untapped magic. Four living biospheres grace Sloane’s embrace: The Gathering Storm, The Wandering Hills, The Burned, and The Heartwood. Yet, beyond its idyllic facade, Sloane bears the scars of cataclysm and the triumphs of heroic souls.


Home Plane to…


Founded by five Tabaxi siblings as a vertical city and open bastion of trade, cuisine, and family.

The Vineyard

For countless decades, the children of Nymora had vanished without a trace, and despite persistent efforts to uncover their fate, progress had been frustratingly elusive. However, a recent breakthrough occurred, shrouded in some uncertainty, as an explosion sent shockwaves through the Vitalis Manor on the town’s outskirts. This unexpected event unveiled the existence of an extensive subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and chambers. Within its depths lay not only the long-sought answers to the mystery of the missing children but also a disturbing link to the encroaching blight that threatened the farmlands surrounding the city.

Shrine to Xidea, the Tabaxi Goddess of Death.

An entrance to The Vineyard is hidden among the many different shrines.

Transport: The Swift Hummingbird

The Swift Hummingbird

A sleek airship, build for speed and stealth.

The skyship commanded by Cordelle and her resourceful crew of gnomes and goblins is an exquisite masterpiece of engineering, combining the finest elements of wood and metal into a long and sleek vessel. Magnificently crafted, this airship soars through the skies, guided by the power of arcane crystals that both suspend it aloft and propel it forward. Designed with agility and swiftness in mind, it is perfectly suited for evading pursuers and traversing even the most treacherous skies. 


Captain Cordelle


The oldest Elven city on Sloane, built in sections that represent each age it has survived.

Web of Fate

In the heart of the mystical Elven city of Invenas, a malevolent cult devoted to the enigmatic Spider God wove its sinister web, entwining itself in the very roots of the Heartwood. For decades, they reigned with terror, relentlessly hunting down and persecuting magic users of specific arcane disciplines. These shadowy devotees imposed their arachnid-infused dogma upon the once-thriving city, casting a long and haunting darkness. The plight of Invenas finally saw a glimmer of hope when the tenacious vigilante group known as Collateral Damage rose to the challenge, ultimately unmasking and defeating the cult, freeing the city from its nightmarish grip and returning it to its rightful inhabitants.

The Web of Fate

The elven city of Invenas, in the Heartwood region, was overtaken by a cult known at the Web of Fate.

Villians of Invenas: Web of Fate

Zur Algud

An ancient city built by Dragons and their kin after centuries of war with the Great Wyrms of antiquity.

Sibling Rivalry

The eternal struggle between sibling Dragon Gods, Bahamut and Tiamat, has deeply influenced the world. As Bahamut’s chosen champion, Galahad senses a connection between the recent Blue Dragon attack on their party and the enigmatic Zur Algud city. There seems to be a strong possibility that these actions are being undertaken by a splinter faction devoted to Tiamat.


While Tiamat isn’t inherently evil, her hedonistic nature lures some into their darker appetites.