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The Glasmeda Isles – Recaps episodes 110-117

The confrontation commences as the adult Blue Dragon swoops down upon the airship, releasing a torrent of lightning breath upon the party. The devastating attack leaves some severely injured but miraculously conscious. To tip the scales, Salix employs Invisibility on Galahad, who decides to embark on a daring endeavor. Amidst the Dragon summoning storm elementals […]

Return on Investment – Recaps episodes 103-109

The party returns to Nymora after the recent events, finding no traces of the incursion. Zechs’ parents are back, unpacking their belongings. Galahad, with a piece of the Heartwood’s root, rushes to make arrangements for his armor, anticipating a period without it. Hoshino seeks information about his old friend Ice on the Lake, and Zechs […]

Fall of the Web/Making it in Mechfall – Recaps episodes 95-102

As the ceremony approached, tension hung in the air. The party finalized their plans: Salix would be the distraction, Galahad would charge at Lady Sagewyng, the familiars aimed to snatch the stone, and Duo would be banished with it during the battle. Some of the plan went smoothly, creating a brief sense of confidence. But […]

Under the Web – Recaps episodes 88-94

The party’s journey continues to unfold with a critical meeting. They make contact with Alésia, a prominent resistance member and owner of Herbal Delights. Alésia imparts her knowledge about the enigmatic Web of Fate and offers her support for the group’s upcoming plans. Arguile, Shanks, and Salix meet with Iggy, Lady Kree, and the familiar […]

Welcome to Invenas – Recaps episodes 81-87

Meanwhile, back on Sloane in the Heartwood, the Collateral Damage party is making last-minute arrangements with Amina, the Arbiter. They are currently making plans and gathering supplies before heading back to Amina in the evening for passage to Invenas. For Galahad to receive a piece of the Heartwood’s root, Amina asks for something in return. […]