Searching for Answers – Recaps episodes 66-71

Left to tend to their injuries, the party gathered together to strategize and unravel the mystery of how they were caught off guard by The Constable. Shanks and Arguile sought Elrin’s assistance in determining if they had been tracked through magical means, taking the opportunity to inquire about the name Arioch. While engaged in conversation, a figure approached the party—a Kalashtar named Voyas—who claimed to have been led to them by the Daughter of the Flame. She had a vision of a Goliath and two elves. Bahamut intervened, alleviating Galahad’s suspicions, and they agreed to let Voyas accompany them to the Grand Temple. A dense fog enveloped the surroundings, reminiscent of the mist that shrouded Barovia. Eventually, they arrived at what they believed to be the temple, greeted by an Unillum named Izel, who informed them of the trials they must face to gain entry. The first trial awaited them—the trial of wit. Fortunately, the group successfully completed their first and second tests. They were then shown the location of the final trial but were told that they were not yet prepared to face it. Further discussions took place regarding the boons bestowed by The Daughters of Creation upon select party members. They deliberated on their next course of action and decided to travel to Nymora, allowing Zechs to reunite with his family and seek answers concerning the disappearances of Kyver and himself. Upon reaching Nymora, they swiftly located Kyver’s family home as well as Zechs’. A bittersweet reunion unfolded between Zechs, Seti (Zechs’ mother), and Rinde (Zechs’ father), as they shared their respective experiences and caught up on recent events. It was agreed that they would spend the next few days staying with Zechs’ family. After a heartfelt reunion, the party decided to grant Zechs some time alone with his family. Rinde, Zechs’ father, took the rest of the group to a local tavern to share a meal and exchange updates. Seti, Zechs’ mother, probed for more details about Zechs’ story, while Zechs sought information about the children of Nymora, their disappearances, the Vitalis family, and related matters. Following dinner, the party engaged in some late-night shopping, procuring various items as mementos of their time in Nymora. They ultimately resolved to spend a few days investigating the fates of Kyver, Zechs, and the other missing children of Nymora. At Zechs’s family home, everyone enjoyed a well-deserved night’s rest. The following morning, they shared breakfast and agreed to extend their stay for a few days, using the time to recuperate, gather information, and allow Zechs’ family much-needed quality time together. The group ventured into town to acquire supplies for their stay, receiving a shopping list from Seti. While in town, they split up and explored various shops. Zechs ventured alone to the library, where he overheard something chilling and unsettling. Although shaken, he set aside his concerns for the time being. Within the library, he gathered a wealth of information about Sloane, the Arbitors, and past cults in Nymora. Several hours later, he continued his quest, seeking out families whose children had returned. The party made the most of their time in Nymora. After their shopping endeavors, the group (excluding Zechs) decided to visit the temple of The Light of Elrin. There, Arguile and Shanks learned that Arguile was among the first chosen ones by Elrin. Meanwhile, Zechs encountered a family with a story similar to Kyver’s. Later, back at Zechs’ parents’ home, the party reconvened to share their discoveries. Voyas, Galahad, and Arguile pieced together a tale involving a hero and Arguile’s rapier. Zechs shared his findings about the Arbitors, the history of Sloane, and the cults possibly connected to his situation. During dinner, they discussed their future plans, and Zechs resolved to communicate with his home. Despite its eccentricity, he cast “Speak with Plants” and conversed with his home—an ancient tree connected to Amina. Amina confirmed she had been expecting him, solidifying the party’s decision to move forward. They would remain in Nymora for a few more days until the next available airship was ready to transport them to the Heartwood. Amid tearful goodbyes between the majority of the party and Zechs’ parents, Arguile and Shanks opted to stay behind to keep a watchful eye and ensure the safety of Zechs’ family. Galahad was tasked with retrieving a piece of the Heartwood’s root to complete the enchantment on his armor. Shanks engaged in another conversation with Elrin, resulting in Shanks signing a contract with the Archfey. In exchange for assisting with the removal of individuals on Elrin’s list, Elrin would unlock the full potential of Shanks’ bow. Upon awakening from this encounter, Shanks’ eyes now glimmered with a golden hue, symbolizing his connection to his patron, Elrin. Voyas, Glad, Galahad, Zechs, and Salix arranged for travel to the Heartwood via an airship. While settling in, Zechs disclosed the unsettling information he had heard en route to the library, highlighting the connection between the cults, sacrifices, and a childhood memory. Galahad, employing Divine Sense, detected the presence of an aspect of Malar within Zechs, creating a sense of unease among the entire group. Simultaneously, during a stakeout, Arguile received a history lesson from Shanks concerning his past, particularly regarding Rig and the S8. As they concluded, they noticed a suspicious individual and decided to tail them.

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