Real Name:


Rogue Archetype :
Arcane Trickster

Wizard School:


Home plane: Iwi
Birthplace: Nakoroa, Skoaque

Arguile grew up as a house servant with his mother, Dorna. However, their reality was shattered when Dorna was sold to another noble house, separating them from each other. Arguile escaped from his servitude and set out on his own, traveling across Skoaque, one of the two big islands, and eventually reaching the Mechfall Enclave, a small cluster of islands within Iwi.

Life in the Enclave was tough, but Arguile managed to survive by using his wit and resourcefulness. However, he never forgot his ultimate goal – to find his mother, Dorna. He carried with him the only lead he had – the symbol of the noble house that had bought his mother as a servant. It was a reminder of the life he had left behind and the hope that he could one day reunite with his mother.

Years went by, and Arguile caught the attention of the Masterful Gains, a well-known thieves’ guild that operated in the region. Impressed by his skills and potential, they offered him a chance to join their ranks. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain power and wealth, Arguile accepted their offer. Despite his involvement with the guild, he never stopped searching for any information that could lead him to Dorna.

Masterful Gains


Guild Allies:

  • Mechfall – We have a very long history with The Enclave and have been allies with them for decades! I love those little pocket Rogues!
  • Dal Thurum – We work closely with the Widows of the Stout as they keep us supplied and we handle work for them when we are in the area
  • Uscana – We handle not so diplomatic approaches for The Blooming Court, very hush hush

Guild Enemies:

  • Ryf Serin – Fuck this city, fuck these Elves. Intolerant pointy-eared snobs that harass anyone and everything that isn’t an elf. 
  • Esmurg – The Echoes are self righteous and keep a watchful eye on us even before we’ve had a chance to steal anything because we’re different. They clearly don’t pray to a God of tolerance it seems