Real Name:
Galahad Gathakanathi


Sacred Oath:
Oath of Conquest


Home Plane: Granzia
Birthplace: Terran Ridge

Galahad, standing tall among his Gathakanathi kin, was raised in the rugged traditions of Goliath culture. From his earliest days, he embodied their values of strength and duty, forging himself into a formidable figure within the clan. Yet, amidst the vastness of his mountainous home, Galahad felt a calling beyond the confines of his own people. A burning desire to mend the rifts between scattered Goliath clans, to bring unity and purpose to his kind.

Leaving behind the familiar comforts of Terran Ridge at the age of 22, Galahad embarked on a pilgrimage, his heart ablaze with determination. It was during his travels that fate wove an unexpected encounter into his path. A Human Knight by the name of Antonius Augustus crossed his way, a man unafraid of the giant before him. Drawn to Galahad’s purpose and thirst for greatness, Antonius spoke of the path of the Paladin, a devotee of Bahamut, the Dragon God of Justice.

In the depths of their conversations, as tales were shared over flagons of ale, Galahad’s vision took shape. He realized that by dedicating himself to the righteous cause of a Paladin, he could forge a path of strength, honor, and unity. Inspired by the musings of Antonius, Galahad resolved to accompany him, embracing the journey of a Paladin and pledging his allegiance to Bahamut’s cause. Together, they faced the trials that awaited them, but they eventually parted ways and Glad ran into him in the midst of his research.

* Dragomir (His father) – Exiled due to war with the Elves