Real Name:
Hoshino Matsuo

Reborn Human

Bardic College:
College of Spirits


Home Plane: Sloane
Birthplace: Yakoshi, The Gathering Storm

Hoshino grew up in the small town of Yakoshi on the outskirts of The Gathering Storm, and the only straight way through the mountains that bordered The Burned. A good part of his childhood is remembering the amount of visitors that would pass through Yakoshi, bards and traveling minstrels spinning these fantastic stories and tales that just set his young heart on fire!

This is what inspired him to become The Bard of a Hundred Towns that people knew him by. Traveling all over Sloane there were very few in that time who got to see the wonders of all four corners of the land like he did. During this time spent spinning his tales, he met his wife, another bard on the road by the name of Koyasu Tamiko.

He was only a few years away from retiring when his life was turned upside down thanks to a horrid cult. Next thing he knew, he was waking up with so much lost time and even more to think it all over.