Real Name:
Salix Dendron

Wood Elf

Void Walker

Druid Circle:
Circle of the Moon


Home plane: Sloane
Birthplace: Invenas, The Heartwood

Born to a single mother, Salix lived in tune with nature and the arcane alike. During their early years and into puberty, they developed two unique qualities: the ability to change their outer presentation of themselves, (choosing to sit somewhere in the middle of masculine and feminine), and their innate Shadow magic. While revered for the former, (known as the Blessed of the Protector), the latter caused trouble with a growing religious sect within the city of Invenas. 

With this sect, (the Web of Fate), growing in influence and power within the city, Salix decided upon self-imposed exile. Leaving their mother and friends to live in the forests surrounding the Shattered Mountain Range, they hid amongst the cryptids and aberrations that roamed these areas. With time to themselves and relative safety, they honed their Shadow magic and began to learn natural magic as well. This Druidic magic enabled them to hide from their pursuers even better than before and they found peace for the first time since their childhood.

Centuries later, they received a vision from an entity known as the Daughter of the Void who warned them of an impending doom and to seek out a group of individuals set on stopping it. They set out from their hermitage, eventually finding the Journeyman and their charges.

Daughter of the Void

High Priestess