Real Name:
Tranquil Quill

Caracal Tabaxi

Ranger Conclave:
Beast Master

Beast Companion:
Duo (Blood Hawk)


Home Plane: 



Nymora, Sloane

Waking up in an alley on the edge of the Fey Steps neighborhood of Granz City, Zechs was a blank slate. Forever searching for his past and memories, Zechs worked many odd jobs until he met the man that would become a father-like figure in his life: Argo. Argo was a Human Ranger that ran the newly formed guild The Shuffle Guild. Taking Zechs under his wing, Argo showed him the ropes of being a Ranger and bounty hunter. Honing his tracking and hunting skills along with his connection to animals and wildlife, Zechs excelled and thrived with the guild. When a job came up that would be a good starting point for his journey, he took it and things would never be the same.


Shuffle Guild

Bounty Hunter