Echoes of the Past – Recaps episodes 118-123

Making a stop in The Heartwood, the group does some shopping and gathers some new gear for their journey ahead. They meet an Eladrin Ulprana, the proprietor of a shop named The Brass Jackalope. There they come to a deal with her on several items but in particular, the vial arrows that Attros had made the group. Agreements for that and some other custom items are made and as they step outside they come upon a very familiar tavern to everyone except for Hoshino. There they are greeted by new staff, Ara the bartender & Nedyrae the cook, they notice the absence of Welby and Chico and are eventually greeted by the Journeyman. JM explains what’s been happening since they last saw the group. Introductions are made between Hoshino and JM, and Salix is visibly upset by their lack of communication and care with the group. Things are explained, Welby has since retired after a traumatic event, Chico now runs the tavern in Balazar, and the group receives updates on JM’s OTHER party they are currently working with. The group also catches JM up with what has transpired over the time they have not seen each other as well. Hoshino is blown away by the information and is then rocked with the idea that he can return to his own time. Individual conversations are had between JM and Salix, Galahad, and Shanks on a varying array of topics. Salix was given an apology as to JM’s actions. Galahad and JM discussed The Constable’s affinity for Zechs and the situation that led Zechs to the Feywild. Shanks got some advice and clarity on some situations with the help of JM. Later on, we get some bonding from Zechs, Galahad, and Hoshino in the training room downstairs. Hoshino informs the two of a bit of his backstory and Galahad suggests to Zechs that a hunt might be in order if he indeed wants to connect with Solonar. Preparations are made and the three of them head into the forest to hunt an elk. Hoshino and Galahad are informed to keep an eye on Zechs’ blood lust and they manage to track their prey into a clearing. After they kill the elk, Zechs spots a gray/green wolf and immediately makes a break for it. He eventually catches up and almost follows it into a stand of birch trees, though Galahad and Hoshino talk him out of it. The three finish the hunt and take what they need while providing the rest as offerings and food for those in need. The following day the party begins to gather their things from the tavern, pick up their custom items from the Brass Jackalope, and board the airship back to Nymora. It’s there that the group comes upon a shocking scene: The Vitalis estate has been turned into a crater in the ground and is surrounded by the city guard. Zechs, Galahad, and Glad go to find out what’s going on and see if Kyver perhaps had anything to do with it. They suggest that the rest of the party heads to Seti and Rindes while they take a preliminary look at the state of things. Upon asking questions, a guard informs Zechs, who is using his status as a bounty hunter, to speak with Lt. Flash. He would be able to provide more information. The trio goes and Zechs leaves Duo there to survey the area and keep watch in the meantime. Lt. Flash carefully provides the trio with his thoughts on the situation and Zechs explains that he is one of the lost children and that he is currently a bounty hunter. He further explains that his bounty, Kyver, may have been responsible and offers to help in his capture. The Lt. appreciates the tenacity and says very plainly to Zechs that while he can’t officially tell him that he can look through the wreckage, he can say that if he doesn’t get caught then it’s fine by him. They are informed about a group matching the descriptions of We’ahqa, Cereius, Shanks, and someone who looked a lot like Zechs, but shorter and more stout by comparison. They figure that it must be Kyver posing as Zechs and are skeptical but suspect that somehow Rig is alive and posing as Shanks. On their way back to his childhood home, Duo informs Zechs that he has a letter addressed to him waiting for him. They finally arrive at Zechs’ family home and get filled in on more details from his parents and Seti hands him the letter they received a few days earlier. The group gathers around as Zechs reads the letter from Agatha Vitalis. The letter sends a chill down Zechs’s spine and he tries to wrap his head around what she could want from him. There’s a weight in the room and unease as the group splits. They decide that Zechs, Glad, and Galahad will look into the matter of these Drakewood Travels. Arguile, Shanks, Salix, and Hoshino will go to Kyver’s family home and see if he visited them, and maybe get answers (and confirmations) as to who is with him. On the way, Arguile is stopped by supposed fans of him asking to get his autograph and say his catchphrase “Stay Crunchy!”. There’s some confusion and discussion of what this kid is talking about. There is a Tiefling in Nymora that calls himself “Fat Arguile” and the group isn’t sure what to do with Arguile’s potential new alternate. Arriving at the Sabertooth farm they find his parents safe and thrilled to meet more of Kyver’s friends. They find out that Kyver was there in Nymora at the same time that the events with the Vitalis were happening. Kyver’s mother Ria tells them about who her son was traveling with. The descriptions match those of Cereius, We’ahqa, Rig, and an armored figure that Shanks believes is Attros. They eventually make their way over to the Light of Elrin to talk to Rev and find information on what’s been happening in Nymora since they last spoke, though there isn’t much to report besides the obvious. We move to the other half of the party as the four starts planning a freestyle battle to determine who indeed is the best Arguile. Zechs, Galahad, and Glad try to unlock clues as to the motive, method, and anything the Drakewood Travelers might have left behind at the bank before heading to explore the underground network underneath the city of Nymora. Galahad and Glad can tell that Zechs’ mind is racing and he’s trying to keep himself busy, but the sight that he sees down in “The Vineyard” while empty leaves a lasting impression. There’s a lot of Kyver’s story that now has a sense of tangibility and everyone’s hearts are a bit heavier for having seen this place. No one thought that just 100 feet or so below Nymora this whole time was a complex of horrors. Salix, Arguile, Shanks, and Hoshino are currently exploring ways to lure out this “Fat Arguile” and have a friendly battle of words with him. They even have a caterer for the event by the way of “The Murky Armadillo”. Eventually while making this plan they meet Fat Arguile and agree to have this rap battle that very evening. Further preparations are made with the owner Sen and they will have an epic rap battle (and baked goods) just hours away! Let the battle of food and words COMMENCE!!! The two Arguiles face off in the open courtyard outside of the Murky Armadillo. Fat Arguile came at “Slim” Arguile with an aggressive approach, while Arguile took a more poetic view of the competition. It was a glorious exchange of words and a spectacular show for the city of Nymora to behold. The food was incredible and the mood was electric as things wrapped, it was decided that “Slim” Arguile was the winner! Towards the end, the group enjoyed the rest of the food and connected with the people of Nymora, Fat Arguile, and eventually the rest of the party. With hearts heavy Zechs, Galahad, and Glad decided to just enjoy this brief moment of joy and to save sharing what they found until the next day. Today is a day for revelry and rest.

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