The Glasmeda Isles – Recaps episodes 110-117

The confrontation commences as the adult Blue Dragon swoops down upon the airship, releasing a torrent of lightning breath upon the party. The devastating attack leaves some severely injured but miraculously conscious. To tip the scales, Salix employs Invisibility on Galahad, who decides to embark on a daring endeavor. Amidst the Dragon summoning storm elementals for reinforcement, the Goliath consumes a potion of growth and hurls himself off the ship towards the unsuspecting beast. Landing on its back, he affixes himself to the creature just as the Dragon attempts to shake him off by diving toward the open sea a mile below. In a heroic move, Galahad unleashes divine punishment, ultimately slaying the dragon. Meanwhile, Arguile is knocked off the airship by the elementals, prompting Zechs to send Duo to his immediate rescue. A giant eagle comes to the aid of both Arguile and Galahad, with Duo excitedly recounting the events to Zechs. Post-battle, the party diligently harvests the dragon’s bones, scales, and blood for future use. Exhausted, they finally find respite. Galahad’s newfound fairy dragon companion reveals her true identity as the dragon goddess Hlal. The two engage in a profound exchange about the challenges the party will face in the impending end, concluding with her transformation back into a fairy dragon. Amidst damage assessment and airship repairs, Shanks learns the poignant backstory of Salix’s aversion to dragons, a tale woven with elements of love and betrayal. Arguile, reflecting on his airborne escapade, acquaints himself with the ship’s upper reaches. Zechs and Arguile discuss the latter’s guild, unveiling the disparities in their sentiments towards their respective affiliations. Hoshino gathers the group for another Legend Lore spell, unveiling more information about the machines and The Constable. However, casting the spell on The Constable and his machines yields more questions than answers for the group. The Machines – Bisected low and high, three and three are one, one is four is twelve, low are unique anchor for three, high hangs in balance with law, to unmoor one is to disrupt twelve The Constable – Many faces breed wonder then apathy, opposing forces always entangle, an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, constant struggle This journey provides an opportunity for the party to deepen their understanding of each other, but it also underscores the scrutiny they face from multiple invested interests keenly observing their every move. Zechs, sensing the weight of the future and the shared burden of guilt, engages in a heart-to-heart with Shanks. Meanwhile, Salix seeks guidance from the Daughter of the Void to confirm their worthiness of bestowed gifts. Zechs communicates with Qho, Kivela, and Cenari, each offering unique insights and warnings about the unfolding events across the planes. Galahad reveals that the Dragon allied with Antonius is Iron Nimbus Vulsir, a legendary Drulcas, shedding light on the impending clash between the two formidable forces. The party realizes that the individuals they encountered in Granz City, both outside and in the brothel, are aligned against The Constable and pose a threat to the party. In the aftermath of recent events, the party decides to use Zechs’ conjure animal spells to familiarize themselves with aerial combat. Shanks contemplates the information obtained from Hoshino’s legend lore spell. Upon reaching the Glasmeda Isles, Quon and the party share updates, only to be confronted with a dire situation. The machines wreak havoc on the Isles, prompting the group to strategize their approach, considering the magical disturbances they might encounter. Shanks reveals another gift from his patron, Elrin, adding another layer to their preparations as they finally approach the machine. Camping for the night, Shanks and Arguile engage in a conversation during their watch. They discuss mistakes, learning from them, and dealing with those who persistently repeat them. The conversation delves into their shared patron, Elrin, and the differing moral compasses within the group. Salix spends time training Duo during their watch, and Galahad helps Zechs try to connect with Solonar during the final watch. The next morning, the group optimizes their time, with Duo securing a guide from the local fauna. The party gathers materials for their creations and seeks an elk for a meal. The group embarks on a drug-induced journey for various reasons, seeking clarity, resolution, or confirmation. The experience fosters group bonding, with each member encountering their own revelations and questions, all led by a primate guide with unusual limbs. The team is led by their animal guide to the beginning of the dome. Initially, they come across a deserted town and plants shaped like Grippli. They begin to investigate and try to assess what happened here. They are uncertain of how much time they have before any strange occurrences happen to them, but realize that the dome has dissipated. The barrier that was distorting the land and magic has miraculously vanished. They decide to hurry towards the machine and scout out around it. Coming upon it they see recent scorch marks and try to assess what may have caused it and try to find the people responsible. They realize that this machine is down and will remain down for at least a little while, buying them the necessary time to coordinate an attack to take them all out at once. There was some back and forth on whether or not to leave a way to access the machine, but they concluded that leaving a transportation circle that Zechs’ bow provided was the best solution. They made it back to Cordell and the Swift Hummingbird and discussed the next steps. Galahad and Zechs filled the captain in… on everything. Leaving her with a bottle of alcohol and lots of mindblowing information. They propose that they use the Swift Hummingbird to be the vessel for their quests while in Sloane, but Hoshino must include the captain and crew in whatever story he is writing about them. With newly agreed-upon terms they remove the previous circle on the ship and set a path to the Heartwood. This is just the beginning of their time in Sloane and the next part of their journey.

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