Fall of the Web/Making it in Mechfall – Recaps episodes 95-102

As the ceremony approached, tension hung in the air. The party finalized their plans: Salix would be the distraction, Galahad would charge at Lady Sagewyng, the familiars aimed to snatch the stone, and Duo would be banished with it during the battle. Some of the plan went smoothly, creating a brief sense of confidence. But then, things took a dark turn. Salix vanished into a shadowy void after being stabbed, Zechs fell, and the situation grew dire. Gradually, the tide turned in their favor, but it was a grueling battle. The momentum in the fight constantly swung as party members fell and were revived. Victory was far from certain, but their determination prevailed. They systematically defeated the members of the Web of Fate. After a hard-fought battle, a moment of quiet reflection settled in. Now, all that remained was to retrieve Duo and the stone, right? Salix brought Duo back from Granzia, but Duo clung to the stone, even threatening to leave the group if they tried to take it. Despite a spell to release the stone, it clung to Duo. Shanks managed a calculated shot to free it, and the stone was secured in the haversack. Just when it seemed the dust was settling, a mysterious figure, Hoshino, emerged from beneath the Shrine of Fate. Thousands of years removed from his time, he joined the party, promising to help them recover his missing memories. After some celebration and discussions, Voyas left the group, accompanied by an ally from her monastery. Her name was Rumi, and through a brief bit of conversation, it was revealed that she was the “distant cousin” of an old enemy: Rig. As a new day dawned, the party prepared to return to the Heartwood to deliver the stone to Amina. The team handed the Stone of Revival to Amina, who reminded them of their promise to help Quon and the people of the Glasmeda Isles. They learned that Hoshino’s curse was not removable by a simple spell, leading to more questions for their new companion. Amina assured Zechs that Nymora was safe, and the party set off to see it for themselves, finding no sign of the wreckage they’d heard of. — Returning to the gem heist job, the team faces an unexpected obstacle: an EMERALD DRAGON! As they struggle to escape the dragon’s fury, things take a grim turn. The dragon inflicts severe psychic damage on Bosco and Thai, and it captures and mauls Morz. Despite their attempts to free Morz by force, the dragon is unyielding. Thai decides to plead for their lives, leading to a fragile negotiation. Morz, severely injured, is put down but kept nearby as Bosco and Thai strike a pact with the dragon, naming it Sage. Their shared mission: go after Olmoz and the Infinity Bazaar. Their pact, fake Bosco’s death and frame Thai as the thief of the Cindergems, while Morz runs interference. With Sage as their transportation, the group heads toward MechFall, a modern city with horseless carriages and towering buildings. Thai shares his past with Bosco and the group he ran with, and they discuss The Constable and his plan to merge planes. Their destination is the secretive “Twisted Antler,” a speakeasy where drinks come at the price of information about Elvish Rum. Chava gives Thai a hard time for his abrupt departure, but they catch up and exchange pleasantries. Bosco reconnects with his old friend, The Connoisseur, who introduces him to a new fiery blend. Sage and Thai divulge more about their situation, drawing interest from others in the room. Sage dispels an orb hovering around Thai. Meanwhile, Bosco’s stories captivate The Connoisseur, who desires more information. Both sides discuss their plan to take down Olmoz and the Infinity Bazaar. Thai is now on the run, and Bosco is presumed dead. Chava offers them refuge, convinced that Olmoz has sent assassins after them. Thai has a taunting dream visit from Olmoz, leaving him shaken. A messenger delivers a box with coins marked by the Infinity Bazaar, confirming they’re on Olmoz’s radar. They gather, use a psionic link, and set a trap to confront their would-be killers. The team successfully lures out their assailants by posing as shoppers in the merchant district. Thai acts as a pickpocket, Sage plays the pursuer, and Bosco hides under an Invisibility spell in an alleyway. The assassin, a Kenku named Chitter, attacks, resulting in a fast and brutal battle. Thai nearly falls but is saved by his new allies. In a fit of rage, Bosco reveals his survival by removing his Amulet of Proof Against Detection, alerting the Ring Leader. They plan to move to another island, Ensy, to avoid further danger.

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