Under the Web – Recaps episodes 88-94

The party’s journey continues to unfold with a critical meeting. They make contact with Alésia, a prominent resistance member and owner of Herbal Delights. Alésia imparts her knowledge about the enigmatic Web of Fate and offers her support for the group’s upcoming plans. Arguile, Shanks, and Salix meet with Iggy, Lady Kree, and the familiar Aarakocra, Lenore, engaging in tense negotiations and gathering crucial information before reuniting at a local tea shop. Meanwhile, Glad, Zechs, and Galahad seek refuge in a safe house, trying to recover from the morning’s skirmish. It becomes evident that the party is plotting to eliminate Web of Fate members one by one, with their sights set on the Tiefling, Garron. As the party assembles at the tea shop, the decisive moment approaches. They meticulously scrutinize their plan, and at this juncture, Galahad ponders on the Stone of Revival. What do they truly know about it? This newfound variable is factored into their strategy. Everyone takes their designated positions, and with clever thinking from Voyas, Garron’s path is redirected toward their trap. Tension fills the air, and the outcome remains uncertain. Luring Garron into an alleyway, the party enacts their ambush plan. Things seem to go smoothly until she tumbles into a manhole and loses her bow. However, this marks the turning point for the team. A bewildered and frightened Garron casts magical darkness on Galahad’s armor, and by the time Glad dispels it, she vanishes without a trace. Despite their efforts, including magic and divine intervention, they lose their target. Eventually, Galahad, Zechs, and Shanks abandon the tunnel, leaving Garron’s bow behind, and the team regroups to plan once more. After the unsuccessful attempt to remove Garron from the equation, the party reevaluates their options, with time slipping away. They consider going after the Stone of Revival and ask Iggy for information on gaining access to the Shrine of Fate. Iggy reveals he possesses two amulets that can grant entry, allowing them to pose as captains. They arrange to meet with him to secure the amulets and gather any relevant information about the tower, ritual, the stone, and the Web of Fate members. It seems like the party is planning a heist. But they can’t pass up the opportunity to take a shot at another member of the Web, the Owlin Grimwing. The party heads to a known hangout for the rogue, a casino in the Vice Ward that resembles a stranded ship. They meticulously plan their next move, with Zechs overseeing the exits from the crow’s nest and Shanks, Arguile, and Salix disguising themselves as nondescript wood elves. The rest of the party remains invisible due to Salix’s spell. As they reconnoiter, they spot their target, Grimwing, who appears anxious and makes a suspicious gesture. One of his associates heads for the door, and despite their attempt at interference, the party realizes they must strike now or lose their chance. Galahad and Voyas move in, but Grimwing’s bow of warning alerts him to danger. Tension is high, and the stage is set. Voyas blocks the door to the Harpy Room, inciting panic among the casino’s patrons. Zechs, outside, spots approaching guards and the distant sounds of Arbane’s voice and his creatures. Meanwhile, inside, the party quickly unravels the mystery behind the Stone of Revival and the venom walkers. As Grimwing meets his demise, a blinding flash of light emanates from his chest, travels to the tower, and returns to him. He transforms into a grotesque drider-like creature that screams, drawing the attention of the entire casino. Galahad, Voyas, and the others move to confront the creature, while Zechs realizes that it’s time to act. Grimwing falls, only to be revived as this monstrous entity. Salix banishes the creature, and Galahad opens a massive exit with his sword. The group disappears into the night, unsure if they were followed but confident that the information they gained is invaluable. Invenas is on high alert, the party is exhausted yet accomplished, and they choose to rest before the impending chaos of the following day. The party’s attempt on Grimwing’s life may have failed, but it yielded valuable insights into their adversaries. The night hung heavy with tension as the party sought their well-deserved rest, fearing it might be their last. Conversations were had, but it was the dreams and visions that proved most intriguing. Voyas received a direct message from the Daughter of the Flame, revealing her role in the group, the unfolding story, and the impending events. As they woke, they discovered a bestial spirit of a caracal kitten left by Arbane, accompanied by a note scrawled in the dirt, reading, “Be seeing you soon, kitty cat.” Dark moments ensued, leading to a familiar skirmish, Duo briefly falling, Zechs reviving him and dispelling the bestial spirit, and eventually Voyas reaching out to Zechs mentally, only to hear his anguished cries as the stress of recent days and their mounting challenges pushed him to the breaking point. The group resolved to proceed with their plan to infiltrate the Shrine of Fate using the captain’s amulets provided by Iggy. Shanks and Arguile embarked on this perilous journey, venturing deeper into the shrine, navigating shark-infested waters where a single misstep could have dire consequences. Nevertheless, they pressed forward, aware of the importance of their mission. Inside the shrine, Arguile’s divination magic saved them from a potentially grim fate when they encountered most of the Web of Fate members. They successfully retraced their steps and returned to the rest of the party at the safe house, sharing the vital information they had uncovered. Now, it’s the final hours before all the pieces of this intricate puzzle fall into place. With so much at stake, various members of the team reach out to their patrons, each seeking favor and guidance. They meticulously plan, considering all contingencies in case of failure or unexpected obstacles. The plan may seem audacious, but in this world of high risk, they know that sometimes, only the most daring plans can succeed.

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