Real Name:

Water Genasi

Druid Circle:
Circle of the Shepherd


Home Plane: Iwi
Birthplace: Unknown

Not much is known about We’ahqa and their childhood. Born an orphan and adopted by an elderly Elf Druid named Will Feral, We lived as a hermit. Only going into populated areas to get supplies that they could not forage or gather for themselves. This early life gave them great insight into the natural world and magic around them. They were able to speak with animals and plants, were adept with Druidic magic, and had a love and reverence for all life. Unfortunately, they would see the end of their father’s life in their mid-twenties. On his deathbed, their father gave them a note with an unfamiliar name that was a connection to his parentage. They were told to seek this person out for answers to the questions they’d asked all of their life.

He was last seen during and shortly after the Vitalis incident in Nymora with Rig, Cereius, Kyver, and an armored figure that Shanks suspects is Attros.