Real Name:

Water Genasi

Cleric Domain:


Home Plane: Granzia
Birthplace: Ravenwood

Cereius grew up in a small town that was a stop along the way for many adventurers. He fell in love with and married a woman named Valencia, who worked as a barmaid in the local tavern. They led a quiet life, her at the tavern and he under the tutelage of the local priest. Unbeknownst to Cereius, the priest was preparing a ritual to transform himself into something terrible and using Valencia in it. A curse befell Valencia, not dead but not alive. Soon after, he was called by Sehanine Moonbow, (The Moonweaver), to search for and find a way to bring Valencia back.

He was last seen during and shortly after the Vitalis incident in Nymora with Rig, We’ahqa, Kyver, and an armored figure that Shanks suspects is Attros.